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French Valley K-Prep

for Preschoolers & Pre-Kers

is closed and is no longer teaching preschool and pre-k curriculum.

We will be selling items that we used in our preschool.  I have some people in line to buy major items, because they're starting their own program.  Once those items are sold to them, I will display the remaining items on this website.

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I won't be selling my domain name/website, business license, and LLC.  I will be eventually shutting it all down.  My business has a higher tax because of a claim for unemployment by a previous employee who claimed she didn't need to work during the summer [we closed during the summer], because she had to look after her kids when they were out of school and now my recently released employees have the right to claim unemployment, since they won't have a job when the summer ends. Also, as a licensed family childcare provider, you're not technically allowed to put the word "Preschool" in your title, even if all you do is teach preschool and have degrees and certificates that allow you to teach preschool (I wasn't informed about this tid-bit until I paid for and jumped through the hoops of getting my LLC, business license, bank accounts, and created banners, lawn signs, and passed out flyers!)  That's the reason why I later went by "French Valley K-Prep".  My original name needs to die out, unless someone opens a daycare/preschool CENTER where they are allowed to use the word "preschool" in their title.

Another reason I don't want to sell my domain name, business license, and LLC is because of all of the hours of extensive marketing that I spent to help get the word out that I existed.  Then after families saw how much their children loved coming here, word of mouth helped spread the word and increased my business.  I gained a very good reputation over my six years in business.  That - in and of itself is worth a lot of money.  My husband suggested $10,000 for everything, since that's pretty much what I spent in my first year to get started and that doesn't include all of the extra stuff I added to it.  However, I'm sure there isn't anyone in this business willing to spend that kind of money unless they were looking to move the business into a licensed center.  For that reason, I'll use my website to sell my items that I took very good care of and kept clean.  Then when I'm done, maybe I'll sell the domain.  However, my reputation and the mark I made on this community should only be filled by someone who can have to same type of respect and care, that I put into this business; those are big shoes to fill.

For those just starting out, here are ideas and what I did for marketing and the hours upon hours I spent and the large amounts of money spent in smart ways: After I spent a ton of hours working on completing the licensing process (including baby-proofing my house to the maximum level), I researched the need for preschool for families with a "Stay-at-home" spouse, while the other spouse worked = in this area, researched other family child care providers and what they offered, figured out a price based on the city preschools and co-ops (they cater to middle class SAHM or SAHD), created and printed flyers, mapped out this area, took them door to door during the hot summer, payed for and created large banners that we hung on the back of our house, put lawn signs around the neighborhood (which were ripped up, because they were on city property...don't do what I did - choose weedy - unkept areas), created this website with the help and advice from http://www.startapreschool.com/ including jumping through the hoops to get my website on the first page when searching for preschools in this area, payed for a service that made sure my site showed up on different search engines, entered information on Google for businesses and Yahoo for business, created a Facebook page, created a Yelp account, put my business on Google Maps, created a database of address numbers and streets using Google Maps within a one mile radius and then printed the addresses on labels, I created and ordered postcards from Vistaprint, put the labels and stamps on them, and then mailed them out, I later learned of a cheaper way to go with Every Door Direct through USPS where the postage was less than what I paid for my previous postcard stamps AND I didn't need to worry about addresses, because they just put them in everyone's mailbox on their route - I just needed to create postcards that met their criteria, I set up a separate landline for my business, and finally - I answered phone calls, called people back who called and didn't leave a message, followed up on interested leads, and basically did what a salesperson does and that is to have an upbeat attitude, to love my job and my business, and to help parents see the wonderful ways their child would benefit!  Hopefully, these marketing tactics work for you.  One more marketing tactic that I was going to use, but didn't need was - a door to door flyer distribution service, which is basically what I did in my first year by myself and sometimes with my family, except someone else does it for you.

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